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Sustainability at Reece

Our sustainability approach

Our sustainability strategy is focused on delivering value to our customers and positive impact in our communities. Read more here. 

Preventing and addressing modern slavery in our supply chain 

We’re committed to working ethically with our supplier partners. You can read more about our progress in our Modern Slavery Report.

Pipe Up! service

At Reece, we’re committed to working with our suppliers to protect human rights through our supply chain. 


All our suppliers have access to the Pipe Up! hotline – a free and confidential service for our teams, and people doing business with Reece, to report any conduct that is illegal or unethical.  


There are two ways you can make a report: 

·         In Australia: Call 1300 790 228 using organisation code PIPE1234 between 9.00am and 12.00am (midnight) Monday – Friday excluding public holidays. 

o    Online here or using organisation code PIPE1234.  

·         International: online here or using organisation code PIPE1234. The web form will also be available in 75 languages by the end of 2023. 


You can read more about the steps we are taking to support human rights across our ways of working in our Modern Slavery report.  

Packaging sustainability strategy

Download a copy of the Reece Group Packaging Sustainability Strategy

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