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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I send invoices to be paid?

All invoices are paid by our Accounts Payable Team at the Reece Group Support Centre. All invoices that are related to an official Reece Group purchase order must be sent to Do not send invoices to the purchasing branch.

Who do I contact about a purchase order I have received?

Contact the purchasing branch listed on the purchase order.

The price is incorrect on a purchase order I have received. Who do I inform?

Contact the purchasing branch listed on the purchase order. Please Note: All price changes to products listed on our system must be notified to the Supplier Pricing Team 45 days before the change becomes effective in the Reece Group System.

Who do I contact about a credit claim I have received?

Contact the purchasing branch who has raised the credit claim. If the claim relates to a price discrepancy, please ensure you have previously notified the Supplier Pricing Team of changes at least 45 days prior and you are able to provide proof of receipt of the price change notice before contacting our Accounts Payable Team.


How do I add my products to the Reece Group system?

Check our our page that explains getting your products ranged here.

I would like to supply the Reece Group under a home brand. How do I facilitate this?

We are always seeking opportunities to provide our customers with unique products and solutions. Exclusive brands and home brands are one way we can do this. We strongly encourage all our suppliers to be entrepreneurial and explore and support opportunities for private product and brand development in partnership with Reece Group. If you have an opportunity you would like to explore, please contact the relevant member of the Reece Group Merchandising Team.

Can I distribute my product range through the Reece Group distribution network?

Reece Group has distribution centres across Australia and New Zealand, which service our branch network nationally. The centres are dedicated to product ranges that are exclusive to the Reece Group in Australia and New Zealand. They are not used for one-off purchases or clearance lines. If you supply the Reece Group with an exclusive range, and you are interested in distributing through the distribution centre, please contact the Reece Group Merchandising Team.

I’d like to contact the branches to let them know about my product range. What is the best way for me to do this?

If you would like to share your product range with our branches and gauge their interest in the range, we encourage you to visit our branches directly. Our Reece Group branches always love to see new products and innovations that are going to improve the lives of their customers, so if you have something to share, go straight to our teams on the ground! We are often busy servicing our customers, so it is best to call ahead and book a time with the branch before visiting. The decision to purchase your product lies with our branch, however they do work within limitations if the product impedes of existing strategy. Have a read of our Supplier Excellence Guide to learn more.

I have existing products in the Reece system, how can I provide information to help Reece customers find and select the products they need?

Our Product Information Team manage our product data, images, technical drawings, documentation and other digital assets for our online selling platforms and in-store point of sale system. Review our Product Asset Request sheet, or contact to improve the information available for your products.

How do I update my pricing on the existing products listed in the Reece System?

All price changes must be notified by email to the Supplier Pricing Team 45 days in advance of the price change becoming effective.


How can I become a supplier to the Reece Group?

Thank you for your interest in supplying the Reece Group! We take pride in our strong supplier partnerships, and we are always looking to expand our portfolio of brands and products with innovative and relaiable partners. If you would like to become part of this family, please register your interest via our Supplier Registration page.

I am already a supplier to Reece Plumbing branches. How can I supply other Reece businesses, like Actrol or Reece Civil?

All Reece Group branches in Australia and New Zealand work off single, national systems. That means if you are a set up as a supplier for a Reece Plumbing branch in Australia, you are also a set up as a supplier for all other Reece Group Australia businesses. This is the same for New Zealand.

I'd like to run a promotion for Reece branches. How do I go about organising this?

All promotions must be approved by the Reece Group Merchandising Team before being rolled out to any Reece branches. There should be no marketing material, including flyers or posters, distributed to the branches for display without prior approval.
Promotions involving discounted buy price or quantity break prices for a specific period can be implemented in our system, granted there is 45 days notice given of the change. It is then at the supplier's discretion to raise awareness of this through the branch network via regular store visits.