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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Supplier Information

EDI Overview

EDI is a method of file transmission between ERP systems by converting files such as purchase orders or invoices, into formats which can be directly integrated between supplier and customer. The Reece Group has many suppliers who manage their orders and invoices via EDI which reduces the errors that can occur with manual data entry.

Our EDI service is hosted with MessageXchange who provide set up and ongoing support for our suppliers.

If you have any questions relating to Reece EDI, get in contact with us via email

If you're looking for a list of our branch locations, click here.

New Suppliers & Current Suppliers Requiring Testing

To ensure a smoother testing procedure, we ask that all suppliers who require testing fill in this on-boarding form online. This will ensure we have up to date information available during the project. 

Current EDI Suppliers

If you are already on-boarded with Reece EDI, you may require our guides to EDI file structures. These guides are called Message Implementation Guides (or MIGs). These will outline the necessary segments your Invoices will require in order to be successfully transmitted into the Reece Group.

Please click below to view these guides:

Invoice Guide

Control Message Guide

Purchase Order Guide

These guides can be used to troubleshoot your failed Invoices, as outlined within the Invoice guide.

Reece EDI is currently only available for our Australian branch network. Our New Zealand branches do not have the ability to transmit via EDI.

Australian Branches transmit EDI under one GLN.

The Reece Group Australia GLN is: 9377779135280.